Proposed Amendments of the Companys Constitution

The Board of Directors of TAMBUN is pleased to announce that the Company wishes to seek its shareholders’ approval to amend the existing Constitution of the Company under Special Business at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company as follows:


That the existing Constitution of the Company be amended as follows:-

(a)        Wherever appearing in the Constitution, the word “Regulation” or “Regulations” shall be amended to “Article” or “Articles”;

(b)        Wherever appearing in the Constitution the words “notice or any other documents” it shall mean “notice of general meetings or any other documents (including annual report and/or audited financial statements) required to be sent under the Listing Requirements or permitted to be given, circulate or served under the Act or this Constitution by the Company or its directors to members of the Company or to any other person entitled to receive the notice or any other documents of the Company.

The proposed amendments are for administrative and clarification purposes.

This announcement is dated 12 April 2019.