Tambun Indah has a progressive dividend policy of paying between 40% to 60% of the Group’s net profit as dividends.


[Effective Financial Year Ending 31 December 2015 (FY2015)]

Tambun Indah revised dividend policy will pay dividend between 40% to 60% of the Group’s net profit, excluding any valuation gain or loss on investment properties for the financial year.


Financial Year Ended 31 DecDate of PaymentType of DividendDividend Amount (sen)
FY202212 Sep 2023First and Final Dividend0.0560
FY202112 Sep 2022First and Final Dividend0.0590
FY202023 Dec 2021Final Dividend0.0240
FY201921 Oct 2020Final Dividend0.0290
FY201918 Feb 2020First Interim Dividend0.0100
FY201819 Sep 2019Final Dividend0.0290
FY201819 Feb 2019First Interim Dividend0.0200
FY201716 Aug 2018Final Dividend0.0470
FY201712 Feb 2018First Interim Dividend0.0300
FY201611 Aug 2017Final Dividend0.0700
FY201616 Feb 2017Interim Dividend0.0300
FY201517 Aug 2016Final Dividend0.0600
FY201518 Feb 2016First Interim Dividend0.0300
FY201418 Sep 2015Final Dividend0.0670
FY201416 Feb 2015Interim Dividend0.0300
FY201319 Sep 2014Final Dividend0.046
FY201318 Feb 2014Interim Dividend0.020
FY201212 Sep 2013Final Dividend0.033
FY201226 Feb 2013Interim Dividend0.020
FY201114 Sep 2012First and Final Dividend0.038
FY20107 Sep 2011Interim Dividend0.046


FYCapital ExerciseChange in Number of Shares ('000)Total Number of Shares ('000)
2022Exercise of ESOS 3,271 439,312
2021Exercise of ESOS 1,549 436,041
2020Exercise of ESOS 1,036 434,492
2019Exercise of ESOS 77 433,456
2018Exercise of ESOS 76 433,379
2017Exercise of ESOS 610
Exercise of Warrants 5,341 433,303
2016Exercise of ESOS 979
Exercise of Warrants 2,224 427,351
2015Exercise of Warrants 3,222
Exercise of ESOS 147 424,148
2014Exercise of Warrants 24,327
Exercise of ESOS 2,226 420,779
2013Exercise of ESOS 4,399
Exercise of Warrants 8,984
Placement 15,000
Acquisition of additional equity interests in subsidiaries 55,000 394,226
2012Rights Issue 88,400
Exercise of ESOS 1,443 310,843