Change in the Interest of Substantial Shareholder

Particulars of substantial Securities Holder

Nationality/Country of incorporation Malaysia
Descriptions (Class) Ordinary shares

Details of changes

No Date of change
No of securities
Type of Transaction Nature of Interest
1 02 Mar 2018
Acquired Direct Interest
Name of registered holder Teh Kiak Seng
Address of registered holder 509-12-02 Jalan Tanjung Bungah 11200 Tanjung Bungah Pulau Pinang
Description of “Others” Type of Transaction


Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred Open market purchases
Nature of interest Direct Interest
Direct (units) 25,672,794
Direct (%)
Indirect/deemed interest (units) 142,800,001
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Total no of securities after change 168,472,795
Date of notice 05 Mar 2018
Date notice received by Listed Issuer 05 Mar 2018
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