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19 May 2017| Maybank Research

Beats expectation

19 May 2017| HLIB Research

Expecting weaker quarters ahead

19 May 2017| RHB Research

Sales Hit By Rising Competition Amidst a Weak Market

24 February 2017| RHB Research

Dividend Yield Provides Support To Valuation

10 January 2017| Maybank Research

Riding the Second Wave

18 November 2016| RHB Research

Dividend Payout Supported By Solid Balance Sheet

18 November 2016| BIMB Securities

3QFY16 – Results Review

12 August 2016| HLIB Research

2Q Result: Better progress billing

12 August 2016RHB Research

2Q16: results above expectations

19 May 2016RHB Research

New Sales Recovered As Expected

19 May 2016HLIB Research

1Q Result: Inline

10 March 2016RHB Research

Bread-And-Butter Products Still Sell

10 March 2016HLIB Research

FY16 sales target of RM300m

1 March 2016RHB Research

Expect Higher Sales In 2016

1 March 2016HLIB Research

Slowdown in new launching

5 January 2016RHB Research

Challenging Macroeconomic Outlook To Cap Recovery

18 December 2015HLIB Research

Secured APDL…

8 December 2015RHB Research

APDL Finally Arrives

20 November 2015RHB Research

3Q15 Results Review

11 November 2015HLIB Research

Attractive dividend yield proxy in property

12 October 2015HLIB Research

Visit to Pearl City

7 October 2015RHB Research

GEMS In Pearl City

27 August 2015JF Apex Securities

Slump in new sales

27 August 2015HLIB Research

2Q Result: Below Expectations

27 August 2015BIMB Securities Research

Weak Quarter 

27 August 2015RHB Research

Affected By Timing Of Construction Stages 

30 April 2015RHB Research

Solid Set of Numbers 

13 Feb 2015RHB Research

Demand for Pearl City Houses Remains Strong

19 November 2014RHB Research

Unbilled Sales Underpin Resilient Earnings

12 November 2014RHB Research

Land Deal Terminated

12 November 2014HLIB Research

Termination of Land Acquisition

5 June 2014RHB Research

The Largest Listed Land Owner in Penang Mainland

29 April 2014| HLIB Research

Healthy results; target price met

29 April 2014| RHB Research

Opportune Time to Enter 

15 April 2014|RHB Resarch

Prime Beneficiary Of Investments In Batu Kawan

6 March 2014|RHB Resarch

Batu Kawan Developments to spur sales

20 February 2014|RHB Research

Penang Second Bridge To Open Next Month

26 December 2013|RHB Research

GEMS International School Coming To Pearl City

20 November 2013BIMB Securities Research

Shining Pearl

14 November 2013| RHB Research

New Land to Expand Pearl City

25 September 2013| RHB Research

The More The Merrier

26 August 2013RHB Research

Planning Well Ahead

20 August 2013RHB Research

Strong As Expected

20 August 2013BIMB Securities Research

Shining Pearl

22 July 2013RHB Research

Raising The Sales Forecast

24 June 2013RHB Research

A Strategic Value-Enhancing Move

7 June 2013| RHB Research

The PSB Accident Will Not Change The Prospects

20 May 2013| RHB Research

And the Beat Goes On

26 April 2013| BIMB Securities Research

Proposing Dividend Reinvestment Scheme

25 April 2013| BIMB Securities Research

Still Going Strong

25 April 2013| RHB Research

The Best Penang Mainland Play

16 April 2013| Kenanga Research

Pearl City to Propel Growth

18 March 2013| Affin Investment Bank

Bright Prospects for South S.Perai Property Market

6 March 2013| RHB Research

The Market Leader in Mainland Penang

6 December 2012| Maybank IB Research

Bridging the Gap

30 October 2012RHB Research

Starting to feel the heat

11 October 2012RHB Research

Penang Mainland – an area which has been underestimated… The 2nd Penang Bridge to narrow property price gap

15 August 2011| Jupiter Securities

Fair value of RM1.23, based on GDV and estimated RNAV of RM2.23… 

14 January 2011| Jupiter Securities

Fair value of RM0.95 at PE of 6.1x…

6 January 2011| RHB Research

Net profits to grow, underpinned by pipeline projects…

5 January 2011| TA Securities

Compelling Dividend Play…